A few reasons that some visitors may be having issues seeing and playing the sound files are: the browsers on some mobile phones, notebook computers, home computers and other internet viewing devices may not be compatable to view or play the mp3's, or your not using the latest versions of software on your system, such as Flash and Java software which nearly all systems use.

You could try using the following free browsers instead of MS Internet Explorer, or/and update your Flash and Java software on your system, just click on the links on the right, they're all free downloads. I hope this resolves any problem you may have, Deno 



Google Chrome Browser www.google.com/chrome 

Firefox Browser www.mozilla.com

For Mac Browser. Safari 5.1 www.apple.com/safari/download

Flash Player http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer

Java Script www.java.com/en/

Quicktime Player www.apple.com/quicktime



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